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National Marine Dredging Company (NMDC) of Abu Dhabi specified Thordon Composite in their specialized 20,200kW cutter suction dredger built at IHC of Sliedrecht, Holland. Composite staves were installed in May 1999 with the assistance of Dutch Thordon Distributor, B&B Engineering. The staves for the Al Sadr were for a 890mm (31 in.) diameter shaft. Al Sadr has the capabiltiy to dredge to a depth of 27m (88 ft.), and will keep the important shipping lanes of the Abu Dhabi port open as well as create new ones as the port continues to grow.

Manson Construction Company of Seattle, USA, launched their cutterhead dredger, H.R. Morris in the fall of 1998 to dredge the Snohomish River in Washington. Constructed by Gunderson Marine and outfitted by Manson, H.R. Morris is equipped with Thordon Composite bearings in the 559mm (20 in.) diameter shaft cutter head.

Thordon’s Washington distributor,Pacific Marine Equipment, also supplied Thordon SXL TRAXL trunnion bearings for H.R. Morris for their self-lubricating and shock absorbing characteristics.

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